Energy & Commodities

Vision Bancorp and our affiliate companies buy and sell crude oil, refined petroleum products, coal, industrial metals such as copper cathode, aluminum and iron ore, and precious metals. We have direct relationships with several of the world’s largest commodities producers, refineries, and mining companies, which enables us to assist our clients in acquiring reliable quantities of raw materials for their manufacturing and energy production needs.

Given the strength of our commodities network, which includes experienced commodities dealers, global institutional suppliers and buyers, and one of our Senior Partners whose family founded Bawden Drilling, previously one of the largest private oil and gas drilling companies in the world (subsequently acquired by Noble Corporation), Vision Bancorp is in a unique position to engage commodities buyers and sellers directly and efficiently. We only work with the most transparent suppliers who have a verifiable track record of shipping large quantities of product. We evaluate the terms of each transaction on a case-by-case basis and we only consider opportunities that are synergistic with our risk-controlled asset management system. That means we only work with commodities that can be hedged with exchange-traded commodities futures contracts and traded on various commodities exchanges such as the CME, CBOT, NYMEX, and COMEX.