Asset Management

Our commodities-based asset management approach emphasizes principal protection and is characterized by the following attributes.

  • Daily Liquidity: This enables our trading technology to be integrated into many short- and medium-term portfolio management strategies.

  • Alignment of Interests: Our compensation is based completely on performance and generating risk-controlled alpha, which ensures that our interests are properly aligned. Strict stop-loss and risk management parameters enhance principal protection.

  • Separately Managed Accounts: We use the well-known separately managed account (SMA) structure, which simplifies issues associated to custodial and legal control.

  • Plug & Play: Our Omni-Sector Countertrend Algorithmic Risk-Control (OSCAR™) System is compatible with most prime brokerage bank accounts.

  • Secure Banking Environment: Vision Bancorp operates in the mature and politically stable banking center of Switzerland. The processes and infrastructure we use are secure, clearly defined, transparent and consistent.

  • Precious Metals: We can acquire ongoing supplies of gold and silver at competitive prices to support our trading strategies. The quality, quantity and reliability of our precious metals supply and storage facilities always meets or exceeds the London Good Delivery (LGD) specifications required by the LBMA.

  • Proven Experts: Our asset management team is comprised of proven experts who have over 25 years of experience managing large pools of institutional capital.

DISCLAIMER: Vision Bancorp is a Switzerland-based company. Our asset management division is not serving U.S. clients until our pending National Futures Association registration is complete. Commodity trading involves substantial risk of loss and should only be performed by experienced professionals who understand the unique risks associated to commodity trading.