About Us

The Vision Bancorp team is comprised of proven business, finance and technology leaders, including the founder/inventor of Authorize.net, the global leader in credit card processing holding a significant majority of the global Internet credit card processing market, which has processed over $1 trillion in payment processing transactions to date; the founding family of Bawden Drilling, which was previously one of the largest privately owned oil drilling companies in the world before it was acquired by Noble Corporation; several experienced investment bankers, asset managers and commodities traders, including one of the world’s foremost hedging/trading experts whose algorithmic trading strategy has been used in several of the world’s largest banks; the co-founder of IAT, which produces industry-leading nuclear, biological and chemical weapons detection technologies critical to the security of countries around the world; and a former U.S. government intelligence official.

Additionally, our asset management team is comprised of proven experts who have excelled in companies such as Goldman Sachs, Deutsche Bank, Wells Fargo, Merrill Lynch, Vontobel Investment Bank, the Bar & Karrer Law Firm in Switzerland, Societe Generale, PriceWaterHouseCoopers, among others.

Company History

In 1986 one of our senior partners developed the algorithms used in several large banks to enable them to manage their proprietary trading and hedging activities much more safely and profitably. These algorithms became the foundation of our Omni-Sector Countertrend Algorithmic Risk-Control (OSCAR™) System. Then in 1996, before Google, PayPal, and most of the other famous Internet companies that you hear about today, one of our other senior partners founded Authorize.Net. Authorize.Net was the first company in the world to enable any merchant to accept credit card payments for their products and services over the Internet. Technically called a “Payment Gateway”, Authorize.Net’s technology revolutionized the world of commerce and literally created the global “e-commerce sector”. Today the e-commerce sector consists of nearly $1 trillion in annual sales and is growing at nearly 20% per year globally, according to a 2011 study entitled “Nothing But Net” co-authored by JPMorgan and Goldman Sachs.

Although Authorize.Net was eventually acquired by Visa for approximately $2 billion, there were several technical problems within the global banking and payment processing systems that were still not addressed by Authorize.Net’s technology. As a result, Vision Bankcard was launched in 2001 to develop the next generation of banking technologies to address these problems. Since 2001 Vision Bankcard has served merchants around the globe with next-generation merchant banking and payment processing technologies that reduce the time and cost required to process each e-commerce transaction.

In 2011 Vision Bankcard divested its commodities and asset management assets to Vision Bancorp. Now our team of proven experts is focused on delivering transaction processing tools, physical commodities products, and commodities-based asset management services.