Vision Bancorp delivers physical commodities products and supply chain management, product hedging, and risk-controlled asset management services. Our services are summarized below.

automated market intelligence Automated Market Intelligence
Proven artificial intelligence that has profitably managed billions of dollars in computerized trading transactions for several of the world’s largest banks since 1986.
global commodities network Merchant Banking Technology
Proven banking, credit card and Internet payment processing technology that has processed over $1 trillion in transactions since 1996. Over 20,000 merchants worldwide and billions of transactions are processed every year.
merchant banking technology Global Commodities Network   
Proven global commodities network of institutional buyers and sellers (metals and hydrocarbon products), global supply chain management expertise, product hedging, shipping, and logistical capabilities.
real-estate Real Estate
Our global real estate funding network has over 100 institutional and family office partners, including several of the world's largest hedge funds. Our Vision partners have acquired over $5 billion in real estate properties while serving at firms such as ING Clarion, Jones Lang LaSalle, and Baring Advisors (subsidiary of ING Barings), among others.